Ages 6mo – 17yr, all abilities!




Long Beach NY
Fall 23 Semester: Sep. – Dec.

Family Discounts

10% off for 2 or more swimmers registering together!

Fall 2023 Semester


Not sure which group to register for? Read below to find out!

Group Lesson Prep 

Sold as a 2 week packaged “Group Lesson Prep Course”. 2 lessons (one/week) of (1-1) 30min private instruction. Private lessons are designed to prepare swimmers under the age of 17 for group lessons. The goal of the “group lesson prep course” is for your swimmer to graduate up into group lessons! Ideal for swimmers with little to no swim ability or swimmers with special needs. Each class is specific to the individual need of the swimmer but all focus on setting a strong foundation. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

For Swimmers who:

  • Are hesitant to enter pool or afraid of the water 
  • Have little to no prior swim instruction
  • Special Needs


Assisted Beginner Group (ABG)

(5-1 ratio) 30min practice; Class with in-water instructor. Swimmers will learn to be water safe as well as the fundamentals to swim independently. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

For swimmers who:

  • Are at least 3 years old
  • Follows Directions
  • Enter the pool without hesitation
  • Demonstrates Puffy Cheeks (Mouth closed with air in cheeks)
  • Needs assistance with foundational swimming techniques but willing to try
  • Hesitant to put face in water
  • Uses flotation when free swimming

Assisted Beginner Group*PLUS (ABG+)

(6-1 ratio) 30min foundation group lesson; Class with in-water instructor. Swimmers will continue refining foundations of freestyle and backstroke to develop confidence and independence in the water. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

For Swimmers who:
  • Demonstrates nose bubbles with puffy cheeks 
  • Goes under water without hesitation 
  • Underwater swims  
  • Demonstrate Big arms with face in the water  5ft
  • Front Float glide 
  • Back-float with ears underwater with or without assistance 
  • Demonstrates kicking on back without without assistance


Unassisted Beginner Group (UBG)

(7-1 ratio) 30min group lesson, Class with “out of water” instructor.  Swimmers will learn proper technique with freestyle and backstroke in addition to introducing breaststroke and butterfly. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

For Swimmers Who:
  • Demonstrates Bobbing while blowing nose bubbles (Bounce off bottom to take a breathe while traveling forward) 
  • Can push off the wall into freestyle and backstroke for 40ft (half of 25 yard lap)
  • Can tread water for 20 seconds
  • Can back float for 10 seconds flip onto back and swim back to the wall

Advanced Technique (AT)

(8 per lane) 1 hour swim practice with coach out of water. Swimmers will learn proper technique of all four swim strokes, starts and turns in order to swim confidently in our club team. Swimmers are in “Blue Group 1” 


For Swimmers Who:
  • Can push off the wall into a streamline and swim Freestyle with proper side breathing for 25 yards 
  • Can Push off the wall into a back streamline and swim backstroke for 25 yards
  • Understanding of breaststroke kick
  • Understanding of fly-kick