Before you Surf, you SWIM! The Skudin Family is excited to announce Skudin Swim.

                                                                      The Skudin Family established  Skudin Swim in 2017.

Skudin Swim Inc. is a family business built around safety and competency in and around the water.  Our roots took hold with Grandfather Richard “Dick” Bolton serving the Jones Beach Lifeguard Corps dating back to the 40s.  There our Grandfather worked from a Rookie to Jones Beach Director of Aquatics for Pool Shows at the East and West Bath House.  In the 1970s, Grandpa worked for Nassau County as the Director of Pool Shows at all County Facilities.  As Dick Bolton organized and directed shows, his children joined the ranks of the Nassau County Lifeguards at “Nassau Beach”.

From 2017-2022, Skudin Swim continued the legacy of Lifesaving at the Nickerson Beach Park Pools, formerly known as “Nassau Beach”.

 Since 2022, Skudin Swim proudly operates the Lifeguard and Cabana Services for the beaches and pools of the prestigious building known as Lido Towers. As well as Monroe Beach Apartments, and various other locations in our community and surrounding areas.  Skudin Swim trains, educates and supervises Red Cross Certified Lifeguards in order to ensure patron safety.  

Alongside our Lifeguard Corps,  Skudin Swim School teaches swimming and water safety to all ages and abilities. Since 2021 we have resided at our home base at the Hollywood Health Club here in Long Beach. Through our Swim School we have created a pipeline of competent Lifeguards who are proud to guard the Beaches and pools in their community. 

Top Photo is a great photo of their grandfather teaching surfing during the 60’s in NY.

  • A reliable supply of professionally managed and trained lifeguards for public and private pools, beaches and swim venues.
  • The successful mitigation of risk by safely managing water operations for public and private entities.
  • Lifeguards of the highest standard in regards to physical fitness and knowledge of emergency response procedures ensuring safety for all patrons.
  • Exemplary swim instruction to all ages and abilities (including all ages with special needs).
  • Promotion of the public’s safe use and enjoyment of various aquatic venues within Nassau County.

We look forward to the coming summer of providing a safe and fun aquatic venue at Nickerson Beach Park for everyone, of all ages and abilities, to SWIM!

Woodward Skudin


Woody is a certified American Red Cross Lifeguard and CPR Instructor, Water Safety Instructor and Grade III Nassau County Lifeguard.  His experience includes, Graduate of Virginia Military Institute and United States Marine Corps Infantry Platoon Commander.  He is responsible for the supervision of Lifeguard Training and Services.

Beth Skudin


Beth is a certified American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Trainer, Red Cross Lifeguard and CPR Instructor, USAA Swim Coach and Grade III Nassau County Lifeguard.  Her experience includes Nassau Beach Lifeguard, Pool Manager for City and County of Honolulu, Long Beach Tiger Shark Swim Coach, Long Beach Recreational Swim Instructor, Graduate from Adelphi University and “Resident Mom” of Skudin Surf Inc. She is responsible for all Water Safety Instruction protocol in order to maintain Skudin Swim Standards.

David Skudin


Coach Dave Skudin grew up swimming for Long Beach Aquatics and the Long Beach High School Swim Team. He was a division 1 swimmer at the University of Hawaii and then became a professional lifeguard for the City and County of Honolulu. When he returned to New York, he coached swimming for Long Beach Aquatics and now is the head coach at Skudin Swim.