The mission of the Skudin Swim Lifeguard Corps is to guard pools and beaches in order to mitigate accidents and prevent unnecessary loss of life. The Lifeguard Corps is led by our Capt. Woodward L. Skudin who served as United States Marine Corps Infantry Platoon Commander from 2013-2017.

From 2017-2022, Skudin Swim guarded the pools of Nickerson Beach Park, formerly known as “Nassau Beach”.

 Since 2022, Skudin Swim proudly operates the Lifeguard and Cabana Services for the beaches and pools of the prestigious building known as Lido Towers. As well as Monroe Beach Apartments, and various other locations in our community and surrounding areas.  

Want to join the Corps?

Lifeguard General Orders

  • I will guard by post until properly relieved
  • I will maintain vision while constantly scanning my zone
  • I will treat everyone with a professional respect
  • I will continually train and rehearse for all scenarios
  • I will enforce rules and document offenses
  • I will respect the rank of the Senior Lifeguard

Lifeguard Expectations

  • Honest and truthful, does not lie, cheat, steal nor tolerates those who do
  • On time, in uniform, sober and clear-minded
  • Uniform worn appropriately acting polite and professional to all patrons
  • Understand individual role and responsibility in Emergency Action Plans
  • Physically Fit and mentally tough
  • Constant surveillance on post