Reserve the pool!

Private Reservations: Reserve the entire pool area for a special event or private use with your friends and family! All reservations come with a minimum of one lifeguard, additional lifeguards may be required.  The size of our pool is 40ft long by 20ft wide. The depth is 4ft at shallow end and 5ft at deep end.


  • Birthday Party / Celebrations: Nothing like a pool party to celebrate a special occasion. Decorate and entertain as desired. 
  • Game Night: Just want to get out of the house with some friends? Reserve a private pool and use of our pool games and equipment. 
  • Swim Lessons: Reserve the entire pool area for a 1 on 1 lesson, or group lesson up to 5 swimmers. 



  1. All non-swimmers (swimmers who require assistance) are required to have a supervising adult IN THE WATER WITH THEM at all times. 
  2. There must be adult supervision at all times. Our Lifeguards are not babysitters 
  3. Two lifeguards are required for capacities over 20 (additional pay may be required)
  4. Children over the age of 5 must use appropriate sex locker rooms. 
  5. The sauna is for HOLLYWOOD GYM MEMBERS ONLY and is not to be used by pool rental customers.
  6. Please be quiet, clean and respectful of gym members while in the locker room.

Fill out the application below!

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    How many swimmers will be attending?

    The total number of people who will be attending (in the pool & on the pool deck)?

    How many non - swimmers will be attending (individuals who cannot swim unassisted)?

    How long do you wish to rent the pool?

    Any other important information we should know about? Do you have any questions?