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We are hiring seasonal and year-round employees as Lifeguards and Swim Instructors. Red Cross and Nassau County Lifeguard Certifications are required for employment. We offer these courses; therefore, you may apply before you are certified.


The Lifeguard Corps seeks responsible and disciplined Lifeguards. If you are physically fit, possess mental toughness and integrity then you have an opportunity to join the Corps. Each lifeguard is assigned a task with a purpose. These different tasks ensure mission success. Our mission is to guard pools and beaches in order to ensure water safety for all ages and abilities.

Swim Instructors

Must be proficient with swim skills required to pass Red Cross Level 4. Skills Include: diving underwater swimming, feet-first surface dive, 1 minute of survival floating, 25 yards of freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke and sidestroke. Swim Instructors must possess social skills and enthusiasm. Must attend Skudin Swim Instructor Certification class offered by Skudin Swim.

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