Ages 6mo – 12yr, all abilities!


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Long Beach NY
Spring 2024 Semester: January – June

Family Discounts

10% off for 2 or more swimmers registering together!


For swimmers aged between 3-17 years old, our group lessons aim to teach new and progressing swimmers the skills needed to swim with strength and confidence. Developed with over 40 years of swim instruction experience, our group lesson curriculum takes a unique approach to swim instruction, ensuring each swimmer gets the unique instruction they need within the context of their group lesson.

If you are not sure what level to register for, please read the level descriptions below!

Assisted Beginner Group 

(5-1 ratio) 30min practice; Class with in-water instructor. Swimmers will learn to be water safe as well as the fundamentals to swim independently. 

***All ABG swimmers will be required to wear a flotation belt during this lesson for safety purposes. Swimmers can take a swim test to see if they are ready to swim without a float***

For swimmers who:

  • Are at least 3 years old
  • Follows Directions
  • Enter the pool without hesitation
  • Demonstrates Puffy Cheeks (Mouth closed with air in cheeks)
  • Needs assistance with foundational swimming techniques but willing to try
  • Hesitant to put face in water
  • Uses flotation when free swimming
Assisted Beginner *PLUS* 

(6-1 ratio) 30min foundation group lesson; Class with in-water instructor. Swimmers will continue refining foundations of freestyle and backstroke to develop confidence and independence in the water.

For Swimmers who:
  • Demonstrates nose bubbles with puffy cheeks 
  • Goes under water without hesitation 
  • Underwater swims  
  • Demonstrate Big arms with face in the water  5ft
  • Front Float glide 
  • Back-float with ears underwater with or without assistance 
  • Demonstrates kicking on back without without assistance
Unassisted Beginner Group

(7-1 ratio) 30min group lesson, Class with “out of water” instructor.  Swimmers will learn proper technique with freestyle and backstroke in addition to introducing breaststroke and butterfly.

For Swimmers Who:

  • Demonstrates Bobbing while blowing nose bubbles (Bounce off bottom to take a breathe while traveling forward) 
  • Can push off the wall into freestyle and backstroke for 40ft (half of 25 yard lap)
  • Can tread water for 20 seconds
  • Can back float for 10 seconds flip onto back and swim back to the wall